My day, yesterday.

Hello everybody!

I’m really sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was too tired! Here’s how my day went:

March 26, 2016

Woke up after only around 5 and a half hours of sleep from a horrible horrible dream. Couldn’t go back to sleep so I got out of bed half an hour later. Listened to music and danced for more than an hour, got my mood up. The little swelling under my eyes (which indicates less sleep) went down.

I had my computer science exam later, the last 12th board exam EVER. The last high school exam ever! I meant to revise in the morning hours before the exam at home but I didn’t feel like, so I didn’t. Got ready to go write my exam. Revised a small bit in the 15-minute ride to my centre. Reached there, revised some more and met all my friends. It had been 12 days since we saw each other so quite some hugging was there.

We were seated and ready by 10 AM, filled in our information and all codes in the answer sheet by 10:15, received our question papers at 10:15. We have 15 minute reading time so we started writing only at 10:30.

Then, if you were there, you would have seen me writing furiously because this is the one exam where I know something(other than English but we usually exclude that subject while talking about exams, we’re science students after all). I knew I would finish before time but I just wanted to get everything in my head down on paper. I didn’t realise HOW soon I’ll be done. I finished writing and attempting every question by 12:05 PM(!), our exam ends at 1:30 PM. I reread all my answers twice, saw the questions in the Python section (I’m a C++ student, we have different sections to attempt), stared at the black board in front a lot. I was sitting in the first bench so most my time was spent looking at what was written on the board, noticing how whoever wrote on it writes the letter ‘y’ very weirdly. We are not allowed to leave before end of time.

Finally, after what felt like years, the bell rang at 1:30 PM. I handed over my paper very enthusiastically, part irritatingly because all I thought for the past hour was when can I leave let’s go please let us go I’m done DONE. 

My best friend and I met at the classroom door while leaving and screamed about how good it was! After the math board exam disaster, we needed this good exam. What a way to end boards!

I did SO well, reader! This could easily be the best exam I’d ever written. I’m expecting around 68 out of 70, let’s see.

Flash forward to me coming home, jumping some more out of happiness that BOARD EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER! I don’t have to study all this again!!!!! You can see my happiness, I think.

A friend of mine came over in the late afternoon, she still has one exam left which is on 31st, so we could hang out a bit. We shortlisted photos to put up on my wall, where we’ll put it, and chose some artwork of mine to display on the top in a line. I have a couple more things to do, meaning some drawings and sketches to complete the series of what I’ve made till now. Remember when I said that I need a new project and didn’t want to sketch? Well looks like I’ll have to sketch. I’ll also be choosing some random posters about books, reading and fangirl stuff. I’ve got a huge amount of pictures about fandoms so I’ll have to go through and choose now. (They also have to be appropriate enough for my parents to read- nothing about gay fanfiction or smut about my otps, damn) Here are a few I’ve picked till now:

Although, I might not be able to print the one with Dan, it’s not clear enough for print.

The only problem is, everything must be stuck on chart paper and then stuck on the wall as I’m expecting to move soon. It’s not confirm or set in stone, but my mum’s time in the office is almost over. She’ll have to retire soon (a couple years) and we’ll be moving out of office quarters. If I get admitted into a college that’s quite far away, my mum says we’ll move closer to there. Everything depends on which college I get into. If I stick up the photos, they might get damaged if I have to remove them. So all photos, artwork, posters will be stuck on old discarded (but in good condition) chart paper as a base then stuck on the wall. We have a lot of chart paper left from school project times, and since we’re done with school, we wont be using them again. At least, we don’t think so.

After my friend went home, my mum and I watched Monte Carlo together. This is a big improvement because my mum disapproves of me watching english movies and doesn’t like them herself. I chose Monte Carlo with good thought to the content and everything, so if my mum watches she won’t hate it and say no more english movies to me. So far, I watch a lot and don’t tell her what I watch. She doesn’t like me watching horror or stuff about Vampires and supernatural elements either. Yeah, sure, I won’t watch any of those. You should have seen her reaction when I finally told her what Twilight is about in 8th grade. Sheesh, mum, chill!

It was night by the time we finished watching, I had dinner while watching it. After ambling around with half closed eyes for a bit, I crashed on the couch. Woke up around 11 or 12 (I’m not sure when) and went to my bed in mid-sleep.

You can see how I hardly had time to post about anything. I only used my mobile a bit and promptly forgot about it later.

I hope your day went well.

Have a great day today!

Babye xx

7 thoughts on “My day, yesterday.”

    1. Thanks! I actually don’t celebrate Easter. I’m Indian.

      And Rowan and Aelin are the best ever! The real thing is as good as fanfiction smut, if only we had some more action in QoS.

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