Changing the world

Today’s guest blogger is Just a blank space

Who doesn‘t dream of changing the world somehow? Well I do. I wish I could end poverty and war. I wish I could end discrimination and so many other things but I can’t. But here is something you and I can do.

We might not be able to change the whole world but we can at least change one persons world. I see my blog as an opportunity to reach out to a couple people and maybe I can affect them with my writing. Maybe I can inspire someone to try something knew or to help someone else who knows? But I am trying and for me that is what counts.

One single person alone can’t change the whole world but together we can.

As sad as it sounds there are some things we can’t change because without them our society wouldn’t be functional anymore.

Small actions can change a lot. Sometimes you can change somebody world with just one word. Sometimes all they need is a little Love or compliment. It doesn’t take money to change something. We all can do it no matter where we come from. A little change can be worth more that a big change.


Have a nice day,

Just a blank space

I host guest bloggers every other saturday. For more information, see this page.

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