I need a new project

I have a habit of doing some small extra things on the side with my daily life. Tomorrow, my board exams finish and I can finally do things without feeling guilty about not studying!

Sure, I have entrance exams which are tougher and need to study for them, but they aren’t like school exams that I have to learn definitions and stuff. I’ll have to prepare and write them too, but whatever.

I have Camp NaNoWriMo from 1st April, but I don’t know what to do till then. Its only a few days so I can’t take up learning something new. Maybe a small crafts project or something.

I don’t want to nake bookmarks anymore, even though I have new ideas. I already have quite a few bookmarks, my own and received. Decorating my room will be in April, with my friends group. My walls will be our canvas!Ā That line.. Hehe.

I’m not in the mood to paint; it’s been so long since I sketched, I fear my hands forgot to sketch properly. What else what else what else can I do?

The whole last two years I was so into studies and homework and cramming stuff into my head, I don’t know what else to do anymore! That’s sad.

During exams, I got a little idea to start a newsletter type something (newsletter type something, aren’t I so eloquent) but I don’t know what to send in it. I initially thought really good poems and writing peices or something, but then wondered how many people would want that in their inbox and regularly read it too. It’s available in the internet anyway. Normal things-I blog about. So, that’s a bummer.

I have a feeling that when I grow up I’ll be one of those people who get super into activities, get bored or finish it soon, move on to another one and repeat the cycle. That’s highly probable. In the end I’ll end up with an attic full of random things I (tried to) make and some other things.Ā Yeah..

I’m still brainstorming but not coming up with anything. If you have any ideas, I would be grateful if you share them. I really want to do something. Not a big thing though, I am free only till the end of this month. Something small if it’s an arts-and-crafts thing. I’m fine with starting a regular thing (like the newsletter-types idea) as long as it doesn’t take up too much of my time next month.

Share them ideas!

Oh and, have a great day!

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