Do what you love

It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Everyday we study, work, maybe have some outing and enjoy. But are you doing something you love? I am NOT talking about career, your job, or your destined path. There are so many well written posts about that, I’m not even going to try. Despite all that, a lot of us are still not doing what makes us happy. So what do you do?  You still do something you love, let it be small.

Today, I was talking to one of my best friends and was telling her about participating in Camp NaNoWriMo next month, and explained what it is. She has always encouraged me, listened to my rantings about books and fictional worlds even though she isn’t a bookworm or a fangirl. She replied that this venture is huge and it’s great! She went on about that being one reason she really loves me and admires me, because I’m always doing something I love.

I never realised it before she said that. I am always doing something creative or a project that I like and enjoy doing-be it writing, decorating my room, lettering, sketching or a DIY. Yes, I’m a book lover but reading books can’t be said as something I love anymore-books have become a part of me. There is no me without them so I’m not counting it in doing something I love as there is no NOT doing it.

The past year, even though it was my senior year and the “year that defines my life”, I spent a lot of time doing miscellaneous things. You might view it as wasting time instead of studying and doing things that matter, but honestly those activities kept me sane. I’m studying sciences which I don’t like, I’m preparing for entrance exams that I don’t want to write, I’m living in a home where most of the time I feel like running away; small things like making bookmarks, decorating and writing on a mug for my friend, making a scroll for teacher’s day in school as invitation to the teachers- all that is what I will remember fondly. I won’t pride myself on studying and surviving 12th grade, but I do feel like I actually did something.

Try to carve out a bit of time on weekends or holidays at least, and take up a project or a challenge-something that you will enjoy doing. It’ll be something you love. Be happy in the midst of monotonous daily routines.

Be happy.

Do something you love.

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