The versatile blog award

This is the second time I’ve been nominated. Thank you Abhijit for the nomination!


1.  Display Award

2.  Thank the person who nominated you

3.  Share seven facts about yourself

4.  Nominate up to 15 other bloggers-

Seven facts about meeee

(A few too many e(s)?)

  1. I’m a vegetarian.
  2. I like lettering, but I’m good at only two/three styles.
  3. I’m wearing a blue and white striped tee right now (a fact, right?)
  4. I finished reading Lady Midnight yesterday. Too soon, I was hoping to make it last longer. Another year, argh!
  5. I don’t specifically have a favourite drink/colour/food item/whatever else. Whenever anyone asks me, “Which is your favourite?” I go blank and stutter the first thing that comes to mind just to satisfy that person.
  6. I like words starting from the letter Q. When I’m not specifically thinking something I start doodling Queue and Quixotic on some paper (if I have it and a pen nearby).
  7. I hate typos. Despise them. Even if instead of theb gets sent instead of then and it’s clear for the other person, I still send a follow up message with the correction.

Aand there you go!

As for the nominations..

This award has been going arounda lot and I’d really like to nominate someone who hasn’t been before. There are also many people who have been nominated too many times and this whole ordeal gets annoying.

But! I’m too lazy to go around checking. So, if you, whoever is reading this, haven’t been nominated before or simply want to do it again, you’re nominated!

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