Quote for day 1

The three day quote challenge!

When I first heard of it I wasn’t sure it’s really a difficult challenge, but then the last time I was nominated I missed the third day. Oops. I did it later on, but I lost the challenge, right?

Thank you Bella for giving me a second chance! Hopefully, I will see through this time.


I love that song, I do. If you, by any chance, haven’t heard it- it’s called Just a reason by Pink!

The original line is we’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again. But I think it applies to everything. We’re not broken. Never think that you’ll not get back up again or that you aren’t strong enough for something, even if it is just moving on or continue living. You ARE strong, brave, and you cannot be broken easily by anyone.

Be proud of yourself ❤

I nominate.. Is it okay if I don’t though? If I can think of anyone who hasn’t been nominated before or would love to do this, I’ll tag them tomorrow.

Ciao xx

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