Writing partners?

Hey you, miss me?

Okay, it’s not been that long.

I’ve not posted in, what, two days? Really sorry! It’s not that I haven’t been inspired, more like I’m too tired to type out short posts. I don’t have time to read books as I have to study and I don’t have the energy to think about discussion posts.

Anyway, to the main point of this post! I’ve wanted to write a novel for so long and ideas keep circling in my head but I always put it off because I don’t have a deadline and because I’m horrible at writing continuously the same thing without a push.

Recently I read this book where the main characters are writers and meet through the internet. They collaborate on a novel and build the story as they go from two POVs-the main characters of their story respectively. They didn’t know each others real names or anything. I found flaws in the story-

  • The other person could have been ANYONE. How could they just trust a stranger online? They even agreed on remaining anonymous to each other!
  • To prove the above point, the male lead was a bestselling author and posed as an ameteur. The female was an amatuer anyway and didn’t know of his writing history.
  • What after completing the book? That’s a huge unknown.

I didn’t complete reading it, it had dark romance and when they got into a kind of relationship, she didn’t know he already had a girlfriend. Did I mention the book was a heavy dark romance? Yeah, not my type.

I was intrigued by the idea of writing partners though. I have previously tried to write with my best friend Kav but our styles are very VERY different to write from the same POV.

After reading the book I thought of partnering up online (if practices like that do exist) but again, those points that I listed. Right now, your thoughts may be similar to why are you worried about someone else stealing your work or things like that? You’re not even a professional writer. Are you sure the writing will turn out to be so good? I know all that, but still. I’m a person who thinks a lot about the negative side or things.

What are your views on online writing collaborations? Would you want to do it, or not?

16 thoughts on “Writing partners?”

      1. I knew what you meant! I think as long as you have a mutual friend who also knows and can vouch for them, then yes! Otherwise I wouldn’t!

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      2. No it does! I meant to mean like I’m noting it down, you know. Considering that point. See that’s why I rephrase stuff, I never say anything right!

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  1. I find the idea intriguing. I’m not sure if I would be able to do it, personally, because I would edit the work as we went. I’m not sure if I would be able to trust the other person enough, unless I knew them well enough. Which goes back to the “How do you know what is ‘well enough’?” Intriguing idea, not sure if I could do it.

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  2. I don’t mind helping other online, but I’m kind of a control freak and I’m very independent, I think I would find it difficult to write with someone else. Although I completely support the idea itself!

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  3. I would probably collaborate online, but only if I knew who the person was beforehand and have seen their work. I don’t think I could collab with a complete stranger.
    Also, just curious, but what was this book called? I kind of want to read it.

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  4. I find the idea really interesting to be honest. And I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat if I was a novel kind of girl . I guess I’m a good writer but I never attempted to write a story before so I probably won’t be much of a partner . I really like the idea. I just wish I was more skilled in the story writing department because I would do it .
    ps. Are you asking for a partner you can write with or are you just curious ? I didn’t quite understand the last part of this post . soory if it’s a dumb question

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    1. I’m curious mostly, but I also kind of want to do it. I mentioned that I have trouble sticking through and I thought that if someone was writing with me, I would consistently write. If I’m just writing by myself, I tend to put it off a lot.


  5. I’d also do it without hesitation. It sounds fun! That’s why we write, right? Trusting someone to actually finish is hard, and there would need to be some type of agreement that the other writer(s) have ownership if the other author drops out.

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  6. I’ve done a collaboration before with a friend. We have great rapport and communicate well so it worked out wonderfully. She made suggestions for the presentation and we set the date for publishing. It was a fun experience. For me, it’s all about rapport. I wouldn’t like to have a falling out with someone after collaborating with them. xo

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