10th grade results declaration

Another old diary entry.

25th May, 2014

Dear diary,


I GOT 10 cgpa!! Perfect grade! I’m on top of the world. Results came on 19th this month… We didn’t even know it was coming that day, we expected a little later. I was watching a movie on the computer in evening when Manasa called. She was on a bus home from native and told me to check. I paused the movie and went to see my results. I didn’t even have time to brace myself. When it was loading (my comp is very slow), I went on fb through mobile and saw that Anirudh posted saying results came out a few minutes after 4pm, just a bit after results came out (does that guy check every five minutes or something?) So anyway, the page finally loaded and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I thought it was someone else’s first and I saw the personal information. My name, my father’s name… All correct. Does this mean this is mine? Next I thought it was spam and I loaded it again and again. Manasa called again, I asked her roll number to check hers so I can be sure this is not wrong but she forgot hers. She said Hema also got 10 so then I called up Hems. She too was in shock and doubting if it was wrong. We checked each others “just to be sure”. Oh goodness! It was a frenzy all around. Afterwards when my mum came around she found me jumping. I was jumping in my room like a crazg person. She was really happy too when I told her. Then I called dad.

When he first picked up he said hello like usual- as if I interrupted something. I replied, “hello dad?” I was hoping he would ask why the joy in my voice. Instead I just got a clipped, “what?” as if he didn’t care about what I called for. My mood faltered, I felt pissed and thought of saying nothing and hanging up. But still I told him about my results, he congratulated me with a happy voice. The immediate change in tone was astonishing.

Out of my whole batch in school, 45 students got 10cgpa! Last year it was 46, I think. I’m so glad!

Coming to schools and stuff, I decided to join the same place instead of going elsewhere. After school I’ll be going for coaching classes for competitive exams three days a week. On the whole… life is settled at the moment. Once school and coaching starts, I’ll hardly have time for anything, doing homework and studying all the time. Hope all goes well. Signing off..

To this day, I sometimes open up the file with my results and beam. It makes me happy and boosts my confidence that yes, if I study and work hard I’ll do well. ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “10th grade results declaration”

  1. Reading this made me remember how I felt when I got 10 cgpa. I was in my tuition and my dad called and he messaged- “Congrats you got 10 cgpa!” And I don’t know what happened and I started crying. I started crying then and there and everything thought I might have got like 6 or 7 cgpa. And I cam home and checked like a 100 times before I believed that it was true.
    Great post! It had all the emotions I too felt on the result day.

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