3 day quote challenge

The last day of this quote challenge was supposed to be two days back. I missed it, SORRY! I feel horrible. I put the quotes and everything yesterday but left in the middle and I realised just now that it’s sitting in my drafts. So, I’ll be sharing two quotes today.




Be a rebel. Don’t just stop where everyone says you’ll end up, go further. Or just change your path. But, do it for YOURSELF and never because they challenged you to.



I find myself saying this sentence everytime my friends call me and are worried. You got this, you’re up for it, you can excel. Never do something believing that you will fail. Be optimistic, be confident in your abilities.


Today, I nominate further to carry on this challenge, and I hope you do better than me

Charleyย Change todayย andย Amy L Montz


3 thoughts on “3 day quote challenge”

  1. Oh shit ! that reminds me .. I haven’t done my last two days . gosh I’m bad at following things . I feel so bad now but at least you’re not alone .
    plus you did great with the quotes ! you’re doing a great job so far ๐Ÿ™‚

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