Bucket lists

Waiting for my boards to finish is like at the beginning of 2012 waiting for the end of days. Weird analogy, I know.

The number of things that I am waiting to do are growing every day that I’m worried I won’t have enough time to do them all in those few weeks when I’m free. Books to read, shows to watch, friends to hang out with, places to go, music to find, room to redecorate.. A lot.

I haven’t had time to review any new books, in fact even though I have a few books that released this year I haven’t had time to read them. I’m only reading stand alone romance and teen books because I can’t get caught up in cliffhangers now.

I haven’t also read posts in WordPress reader in the past couple days, SORRY! I’m just so caught up in studying for my exams now, especially considering that next is math. I only saw the top two posts on my reader today, haven’t scrolled down. I also haven’t completed the 3 day quote challenge, yesterday was the last day and I forgot about it! I feel so horrible. I hope I’ll do it today.

It’s march 10th here and it’s the birthday of someone I know, and not necessarily friends with anymore. We’re acting civil now, polite and it’s really awkward but I can’t extend a hand towards him anymore. I guess it was basic teenage drama but I was quite hurt by him and there’s only so much I can take, ignore and still be the same. If you’re thinking it, no, he wasn’t my boyfriend, we were just really good friends. I’ll tell the whole ordeal some other time, maybe.

In Facebook I had liked the Hollywood Life page and used to get all the latest updates. Now I see tweets about Kim and Kanye and some shaming and there was a late night twitter fight? I’m so clueless. Believe it or not, I actually liked knowing about the latest happenings in celebrities’ lives. I don’t like any of them, but I do notice. Only when my friend asked about something and I told the story did I realise I was one of those people *no offence or anything*.

I texted Kav (my bestie) asking whether she’s wishing the ex-friend I talked about above, and we were talking about all that’s changed within a year. She just replied “things change #lovingthischange “. So true Kav, so true.

I’m going to go study some now. My mum cleared my table of unnecessary things, both hers and mine so my study table is looking really inviting now. The window is to my right, it’s only moderately sunny (I hate summer) and there’s some breeze. Perfect environment. All I need is some background music, which I can’t have as my parents are home and they dislike english music (yes, yes they do).

I hope you have a beautiful day xx

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