Quick update

I don’t really have much of a themed post today, and my brain isn’t really working creatively right now.

I had a small breakdown earlier, listened to music and read a novel so I’m all better now! That took up the second half of my day.

I haven’t done any writing posts in so long! Okay, it’s been only a few days but I miss it. Ever since I started writing on this blog, it feels like a part of me now. I hope once my exams are over I’ll be able to do more.

In other news about my daily life, the copy of Lady Midnight I ordered hasn’t reached me yet! I’ve just stopped going on twitter because EVERYONE is talking about it and reviewed it and posting pictures while I’m still not sure when I’ll receive it. The shopping site I ordered it from said that I’ll receive by 14th (yes yes time is not up yet but still). I just checked Amazon (the Indian one) though, and there it says “releasing on 16th. Delivery within 2-4 days”. If the same thing applies to Flipkart (where I ordered from) then I’ll have to wait for so long!! I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it. You Americans and British and wherever else books release and are available on time have it good. KNOW THAT.

One more thing..

I’ve always had a hard time reaching out, to start conversations and build a friendship. There have been soo many times when I just felt like shooting an email to a blogger but held back. So, I’m putting this out now, right here. I have this little bit of confidence and I’m going to use it.

I want to have a blogger friend, a friend from somewhere else, basically a new friend. I love geting to know people. So, I’m asking you to put aside all those preconceptions that I have and email me (if you want to, of course). I realise that this might just be a passing post but, whatever, I’m trying it.

Have a beautiful day (or night)! xx

15 thoughts on “Quick update”

  1. You can be my blogger friend- We both are in the same grade, facing the same problems, blah blah blah ( Do I come across as to desperate? :P) Maybe staying at home has become boring for me (boards) :’)
    Sure you understand 😀

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      1. I’m a humanities student . My subjects are:-
        Pol. science
        Kinda different :’D

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      2. Hey, you go to the person’s blog and open a post. Only if you tag a post, it creates a pingback. Copy the URL and get back to your post. In the edit menu after 123 bulletin option, u see a chain-like symbol? Click that. Paste the URL and write their name on the second box

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