Written correspondence

Hey everyone!

So the latest daily prompt is another word prompt (why are they doing these) “sentiment” and I don’t really feel like writing on it so I’m skipping this one.

Instead, this is going to be a discussion post on letters.

The question I’m posing is,

Will a day come when we will not be using the traditional method of sending letters?

This has been talked about quite a few times in my class last year, especially after the telegram service was shut down on a certain date then. Basically, all areas stopped using telegram and the last place that had the equipment was stopping it too so it became a huge news.

Personally, I would love to communicate through letters.

  • It’s fun.
  • You write by hand so it feels more raw.
  • It’s physical, not a soft copy on a screen so you can hold it, laugh with it and save all letters in a box.
  • Also, in today’s world when a friend sends a letter instead of a message or a text, it feels more real. The person would have made an effort and you know you have a great friend.

The other day, I found my letters from when I was in 6th grade. They were really childish and never sent but I could see my feelings of then. There were some more of the themed stationary in the box so I sat down and wrote a letter to my future self and my future child because, again, I don’t really have anyone to write to.


The themed stationary from when I was 11. The envelopes covered with stickers are the old ones. The titled envelopes are the ones that I wrote recently.

Then, there are a few problems that I find about having a pen-pal

  • I don’t really have a good friend out of my city to whom I can corresspond with.
  • I think most of my friends will just find it annoying and what will I tell them in a letter anyway?
  • It takes time for letters to be sent and received. In the same country, it’s easy enough. But inter-country exchanged take time (which I feel just makes it all the more charming).

Kav (my best friend, if you’ve read my earlier posts) and I exchanged something like letters. We’d write what we feel and some things that we might not be able to say out loud and give them to each other in school. Another friend and I did that a couple times too. I have saved all of them folded neatly inside my old diaries.

I just get giddy by imagining how it would be if I received a letter from a friend not living here, whom I don’t meet frequently.

Correspondence through letters will not die down completely, but I fear it will be very less.

Those are quite some of my thoughts. Comment your views, thoughts, experiences. Let’s talk! I want to know šŸ™‚


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