I live in an insect zoo.


I have my chemistry exam tomorrow and I’m trying to study but NO, the insects have to take over my life!

I’m sitting in my room and studying, the window is open for fresh air and light. An insect (a wasp? It was the size of a bee, that’s all I know) flies in carrying a dead caterpillar’s body. At first I thought it was another anomaly hybrid insect (I’ve seen a couple of those) because of the green tail-type thing hanging in the front. I don’t do anything, hoping it’ll just go back out soon. No such luck because it goes into the hallway and DUMPS the (what I realised was actually a) caterpillar body and THEN goes back out.

What. Just. Happened?

No, this has never occured before. I just stare at the window for a few minutes and then clear out the body (it’s so tiny why did I have to do that). I thought it was a one time thing so I didn’t close the window. I try studying again and within 15 minutes the same insect (or maybe another one of it’s kind) flies in with ANOTHER caterpillar carcass. I decided I wouldn’t let it dump that one too so slowly sarted waving my book in front of it, making the wind push it towards the door. After a minute or so of battling and me jumping around, it finally leaves with the body, ultimately not dumping it.

I close the window and continue studying. Almost a couple hours later, I tell my mum the story when she comes home and she says it’s been a while so open the window. My roon doesn’t have proper lighting with the window closed. So yeah, I open it. A little more than hour after that and AGAIN that insect (or maybe another of it’s kind) comes in with a dead caterpillar body.


I drove it out, closed the window and came into the living room to study. One of those flying insects was already flying around here, with no body this time( I wonder if it has already dumped one somewhere). I drive that out too and closed the living room window.

If I heard a story like this I mostly wouldn’t believe it but I’m serious. This ACTUALLY happened today.

Every summer a variety of insects fly around, come in, buzz a bit and leave. I like the small metallic coloured ones. Not this crazy stuff. *sigh*


In other news, I tried recording my first audio blog post and realised my voice sucks more than I thought. And I stammer so much! I’m rethinking the idea. I’ll try again later anyway.

How was/is your day? Tell me all about it!


7 thoughts on “I live in an insect zoo.”

  1. NO, record it – it will be fantastic, I’m telling you! This is a weird request, but when it IS up, could you let me know? I really want to listen to it and I’m terrible at reading blogs 😦 Also URGH insects

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