Obsessed || I would like to forget I ever read this

obsessed.jpgTitle: Obsessed

Author: R.J. Lewis

Genre: YA contemporary

Status: Standalone



I’m obsessed with Aston.
He became my addiction the moment I met him at 10 years old.
He was my best friend from childhood.
He protected me and guided me.
I loved him fiercely long before I really understood what love was.
We were inseparable.
He knew how I felt, and sometimes he would stare at me in ways that made me breathless.
But there were boundaries. Lines that couldn’t be crossed. Looks that shouldn’t be exchanged. Lips that shouldn’t be kissed.
We weren’t supposed to love each other. Not in **that** way.
Because, you see, Aston was also my adopted brother…

Elise was off-limits, a temptation that cursed my existence with this visceral hunger to have her, possess her, and taste her like she was made for me. I was tormented and on the brink of falling. If I stepped over that boundary, if I gave into my want, I wasn’t sure I could survive the disappointment of my adopted parents. We would all be affected. Our lives wouldn’t be the way it was. That change was irreversible, and the damage would be permanent. It was a scary thought, destroying a foundation and rebuilding it without knowing what it might end up looking like.
But my want for her…it sat in the core of me, growing and growing. And want is a dangerous fucking thing. It clouds your judgment, it makes you weak, and I knew…I knew without a doubt, it was only a matter of time before I cracked.
Obsession was devotion. Obsession was mania and need. It was a compulsive urge to self-gratify by wanting, and wanting, and wanting ‘til it hurt, ‘til you could feel it there in your bones, gnawing its way deeper within you.
Obsession was my craze for Elise. She was my impulse. My…pulse itself.
It wasn’t healthy. I knew that.
I didn’t fucking care either.


I saw a review of this book on another blog and decided to give it a go. To be honest, I mostly read it because of Brallie. For those of you who don’t watch the fosters, Brandon (the real son) and Callie (foster kid) fall for each other and now that Callie is adopted, their relationship is doomed. I really wanted them to be together. (If anything has happened recently don’t spoil it for me, I haven’t been able to see the last several episodes) I was intrigued by how it could work so I read this book.

The whole story was pretty good. The only problem for me was the main issue, them being legally siblings. My mind just screamed no. I could ship Brallie because they met at 16 and teenager hormones and they didn’t grow up together.

Elise and Aston grew up together since they were 9 and 10. The story is that they loved each other differently than siblings right from the start but it’s just a bit unbelievable to me.

Later when they finally decide to tell their parents, their dad’s reaction was so not real. He went from asking about how long and how much have you progressed to how is this relationship going to work since you are going to college and Elise will be staying here. Even if he didn’t care about their public image, wouldn’t there be a few more questions before he can absorb the news and accept that yes, this is happening?

All the parts about when Elise and Aston broke up later, the devastation and sadness, the getting back together was all just right for a teenage couple. I managed to push it out of my head that they were siblings and enjoyed the story. The sad part when they weren’t together and Aston started ignoring Elise, and Elise craving for something reminded me of the song Echo by Jason Walker.

Let’s talk about the characters:

  • Aston has a gruesome past from before being brought into the Wrights’ home. It plays a role but the relationship is not revolved around him getting through his memories. He is a freaking genius. Physics, Math and all those subjects are his alma mater. He aces the school syllabus in week one. He is antisocial, hot, and has a determined streak. Overall he is a good, really sweet, caring and protective guy. Perfect for both brother and boyfriend roles. The irony.
  • Elise is mostly a socialite, dramatic teenager and has a bubbly personality. She is defensive about Aston to everyone, not much mature about life, and absolutely loves dancing. Her breakdown during the bad part was pretty well. The way she grew years in maturity was seen clearly.
  • Their dad is a police officer, strict, loving, caring and has a level head. He is the perfect dad. And no, overall he does not approve of his childrens’ relationship.

I’m not overly opinionated towards other characters. They are pretty okay.

If you can get past the fact that the protagonists are legally siblings and grew up together in the same house and did *stuff* in their home, you might like it.


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