Huge online social life update!

A couple posts back I mentioned about the voice recording blogging thing. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here.

I started thinking about it a lot. On twitter a while back, I saw that WordNerds vlogging channel is looking for another vlogger to join their team and I thought, “I could do it!” But then I know nothing about editing and I don’t think I’m ready to show my face yet.

I kept thinking about places just for audio and it hit me. I went all I KNOW! when the idea came to me.


Weeks back I had put up a (what I see now as) lame post praising SoundCloud and basically not living upto the blogger reputation. If you don’t know about it (you must be living under a rock), it is a site mostly for finding music and posting own recordings or covers etc. I thought I could use that as a recording blog stage.

It doesn’t really matter if people follow me (it would help but anyway) because I’ve become really fond of speaking and letting my thoughts out recently. A lot of times I just want to talk, not write.

Therefore, I will now be having an audio blog! *tadaaa*

I haven’t posted stuff or anything yet so don’t hold your breath. I will only be recording when I’m alone at home because no I’m not letting my parents know about this my mum would disapprove of me talking about personal matters online.

Since I already had a SoundCloud account with followers (not many), I had to create a new email and this finally cleared up me making a new one to use as Iridescence (I kind of really like the name now). So! I’ve got twitter, email AND SoundCloud as Iridescence. No more though, I’m actually not using others personally anymore either.

my new email is and any and all emails to talk about whatever is totally welcome! I don’t know how much I’ll actually be using it

In case you haven’t noticed previously, my twitter id is @mebeingquixotic

You can find me on SoundCloud using this website link (apparently there a LOT of people with the username Iridescence). That’s a mobile link by the way. If you’re on PC and it doesn’t work, just search for Iridescence and you’ll find me with the same picture as I have for my wordpress gravatar i.e. surprised face, black hair, black T-shirt and wearing earphones. SoundCloud is also available for phones as an app (which I use). Again, there’s nothing on it yet but I will be hopefully start posting from tomorrow!

Ciao and have a lovely day/night xo

P.S. feel free to comment anything below like your views whether my audio blog is a good idea or not, your own ambitions of vlogging/audio blogging or anything really.

4 thoughts on “Huge online social life update!”

  1. I’m super excited to see where this will take your blog! I think it is a fabulous idea to spread to a wider audience. (I also saw the update about the vlogging gig and had the same exact thoughts. Ha ha ha)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! I’m not really sure about the wider audience thing as it’s SoundCloud (used only for music and hardly podcasts). I’m hoping to see how it works 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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