Roommates || really nice NA Romance to leave you feeling nice

roommates.jpgTitle: Roommates

Author: Erin Leigh

Genre: NA Romance

Status: Book 2 of Puck Buddies but can be read as Standalone



Life is full of expectations.
For Brady Coldwell it’s always been about the game.
Hockey is and always will be, his life.
His family sacrificed everything to get him here and he won’t let them down.
He knows what’s expected of him.
Natalie Banks is no different.
She too knows what it means to have everyone sacrifice for you.
She knows about the debt that’s left owing in the end and the price you pay for making up your own mind.
But when an innocent mistake lands them as roommates, neither of them is prepared for the feelings they have or the consequences of their actions.
How do you negotiate matters of the heart?
How do you say no when it simply feels so right?


First, look at the cover! Isn’t it really nice? The moment I saw it, I had to read it.

Natalie ‘Nat/Nate’ Banks and Brady ‘BJ’ Coldwell asked their best friends if they knew someone who wanted a roommate. Each of them thought the other was of their gender i.e. Brady thought “Nate” was a guy and Nat thought “BJ” was a girl. Their best friends, cleverly, set them up.

They continue to be roommates and start liking each other and yada yada yada, you expect that.

Being a story which basically tells the ending to the reader soon enough, I was intrigued by how it’ll happen, especially since Nat has a boyfriend whom she loves and plans on marrying(!)

Let’s talk about the characters

  • Brady is a sweet guy who loves his family, plans on hitting it big in ice hockey not only because he loves the sport but also to make his mom and brother’s sacrifices worthwile.
  • Nat is a naive girl who for the FIRST time in her life, is living separately from her parents. Her mom is really controlling and judgy, kind of a bitch. So, her surprise and hesitancy was way more than Brady’s when she found out that she would be living with a guy. She is a graphic designer and hits big on doing book covers.

*Spoiler: Nat wins an award for best book cover of the year and Brady for cover model of the year.

  • Nat’s mom is the the kind of woman who prefers to be controlling everything and wants others, especially Nat, to listen to her and do as she says. She keeps pushing Nat to care for William (her boyfriend) better and to love him more. When Nat broke up with William for a very good reason, her mom starts off with how she shouldn’t have done that and demands Nat to get back with William. She basically wants her daughter to marry into a wealthy family and doesn’t care about anything else.
  • Nat’s dad is a really good man, a talented carpenter and an amazing dad. He supports Nat in every way and tells her to live her life.
  • William… How can I express how much I detest him without giving out the whole story? He’s a husk of a man, studying law, rich brat, and absolutely doesn’t care about Nat. I’m pretty sure he planned on marrying her just to keep her as a trophy wife.
  • Sami is the complete opposite of Nat. She’s a very good best friend and loves Nat to the moon and back. Her own boyfriend expressed how if she ever left him, it would be for Nat. She grew up with rich parents who do not know how to parent and therefore her life has turned out a bit out of hand. Her relationship with Mike, her boyfriend, is doomed according to Nat. I’m sad about that and I wish we had a sequel or a spin off book about Sami.


Overall, the book isn’t a HUGE must-read novel. It’s more suited for when you want a happy ending and a good story without major problems that are there in usual romance stories. I assure you, there is no running from the past issues or some big thing. It’s a sweet story and light read, which I definitely recommend.


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