A few things..

Got a small agenda here. Onto the first topic.

Timezone problems.

I did know that India is several hours ahead of America, around 10 and a half to be exact, and it doesn’t matter but sometimes I get annoyed.

Most recently, it’s because of Daily post prompt. I like the idea of a daily prompt and I do write most days since I found out about it. But because of the time difference, the prompt for March 3 (let’s say) is posted after sundown on that day for me. If I don’t write that night after it comes out, I feel as if I’ve missed a day because after about 6 hours it’ll be 4th for me. I write it then the next whole day I’ll just keep waiting for the new prompt.

I just wish daily post would post them a bit in advance.


April will be my first month in this venture! I just registered and cabin allotments are in 21 days. I’m kind of lost? I mean, I thought you start off your novel that day but before making your cabin preferences, you’re supposed to title your book, pick a genre, give the synopsis amd also an excerpt! Whut?

I’ve had this idea for a while now for a story so I’m going to go with that. Since I’ll be having entrance exams and such, I’ve put my word count goal as 40k (it’s less, I think?)

Anyone doing this too?

Physics final

Aand now I have to leave for my exam. Wish me luck!!

Also, this is my 100th post on this blog. Yaay! I’ve sticked through and actually updated regularly and have a following!! Woo me! 😀


Hope all you have a great day. (night, in some places?)


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