You probably should skip reading this

Does anyone else go through identity crisis’? Not the “who am I?” one. I’m talking about “what shit am I thinking?” one. And when I say thinking, I really mean thinking.

I’m studying physics right now for tomorrow’s exam which will be my last physics exam of high school if I pass; I will never have to study from this book again. I basically haven’t studied much because I’ve studied the SAME THING for THREE WHOLE MONTHS because we had two preparatories in school (I didn’t do much well in either). I’m flipping through pages right now and my arrow tags are in my hand so anything I have to study/revise again? Tag. You should remember this? Tag. I see everything and I feel like I know everything but then I know that during the exam I’ll be blank. That’s what happens with physics. Did I mention my mom has a master’s degree in physics? The scientist gene must have skipped me.

What did I start with? Right, the thinking identity crisis.

I’m here looking at derivations and definitions and come across things that are potential five markers. What do I do? Tag them yellow. But that’s not all. Let me show you through my thoughts…

*flips* oh there you are my Moving coil galvanometer! *tags yellow* *flips more pages* Cyclotron! My frenemy! *tags yellow* 

There’s this limitation of cyclotron, it cannot be used to accelerate small masses like electron because their masses increase with speed according to relativity theory. Then I start thinking about how I wish it applied to me, then I would weigh not much since I don’t move much.

Oh and did you know there are two polarisations in physics? *tags both pink because I’m just like that* One is in the electronics branch and one in optics. If they ask the definition of polarisation in the exam, should I write both? But then it won’t come as a one sentence question so I should see the second part of the question and determine if its from optics or electronics.

Then there’s electromagnetic waves. They’ll mostly ask a three marker question like “which is the electromagnetic wave with frequency of *whatever value*, how is it produced and detected?” Because of such type of questions I need to learn both frequency and wavelength ranges of all 7 types in the electromagnetic spectrum along with their production, detection and uses. If I mix up UV radiation for X-rays because I forgot the exact range, I lose three marks. SERIOUSLY??

Lens maker’s formula is my only love in optics. If it comes, I’ll get solid five marks. But oh no, ray optics HAS to have FIVE five markers. I’m fine with the refractive index of prism but derivations of formulae of compound microscope or telescope with normal adjustment/image at least distance of distinct vision, I’m pretty much screwed. Not to include the three five markers in wave optics, no wait four. Nine in total in just TWO chapters out of 15 and in the exam we’ll get only two or three five markers. (Our exam is totally of 70 marks)

Over 500 words in my rant wow. Are you even with me till now? How are you reading all the shit that I post, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll name this post something like “nonsense” so you’ll know what all this is. I’ll come up with something that warns you. But then by the time you’re reading this, I would have already titled this, so no mystery I guess.

I have some more news, not too important just life updates but I’ll put them in a different blog post. They aren’t like this nonsense, I think.

If you’re with me till now, HOW?? I don’t think I myself will read this again and check for typos.


Thanx for reading till here, feel free to rant your own stories in the comments. Or comment whatever. Maybe if one of you say I’m crazy and all this is boring I might not do this again and bore you.

I’m off to see how wave nature of light is established through two formulas.

Ciao xx

4 thoughts on “You probably should skip reading this”

  1. OHMYGOD. YOU’VE JUST CAPTURED THIS ATROCITY SO WELL. I had my boards last year and needless to say, physics was maddening. I wish you all the very best. You’ll be alright. It works out in the end. 🙂
    Meanwhile, I do hope you’ll check out my blog too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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