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Longing: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Longing desperately

For a connection

She drifts in life

No anchor to keep her down,

Nothing important enough

To settle down.

Life isn’t an easy path

Ploughing through alone is hard.

“Love,” she thinks, she craves

Seeing evidence in two people

holding hands

gazing into each other’s eyes





She only knows

What she has glimpsed

As an onlooker.

Longing for that connection

That will make her alive.

What she didn’t notice

Were the bonds of other relationships


Parent and child

Sisters and brothers

Friends and best friends

The people who are with you

All along.


She realised she was

Looking for something

She alreasy had at home.

Instead of keeping her head in the clouds

She should have revelled in that love.

The following valentine’s day

Instead of longingly looking at

Other couples and craving

What they seemed to have,

She flew home to her wonderful family and friends.

Showed up on the doorstep of the annual party

With chocolates and gifts,

Showering all with hugs and kisses.

These people

Who loved and cherished her,

Who never held her back

And always checked up on her;

They will always have

A place in her heart.

In the midst of her best day,

A man from the other side

Of the room

Dressed to party, like everyone else

Smiled at her.

She smiled back.

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