My roooom

I really don’t want to write another post talking about my exams and the nostalgia that I’m feeling by thinking that after tomorrow I will never study my english textbooks and notes again. I’ve kind of been hit by the exam fever where every few seconds all you can think about is what’s left to study, what I must revise and all the items I should pack in my bag. Oh well I guess I wrote a whole paragraph on it anyway.

Since I’m not really inspired enough to write an article or something, I thought I’d describe my room. In the novella Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover, it was mentioned how someone’s room gives an insight into the person. Here’s some insight (hopefully) into me.

In the picture, you see one of my best friends and I. Can you recognise me if you see me on the street? Probably not, right? (I’m the one with the teddy bear)



The poster on the left has been there since 8th grade. I think I don’t remove it because of nostalgia. I will soon though. Ignore tinker bell and butterfly on the right. I’ll cover it up.


That’s one side of my room. To the right of my table, there’s a smallish window. To the left there’s a hanging cloth rack with various compartments which contains all the stuff that is usually on a dressing table.

Having a rectangular shape, the walls on either side of the wall in the picture are less wide comparatively; the opposite one is the same size. I actually love that wall (in the picture) because I can decorate it a lot. I keep changing the decorations. After my exams, along with the hanging crafts, there will be a collage of photos of high school and the fun times in a heart. I’m planning to fill the rest of blank space with fandom posters and stuff. I’ve had enough of neat-looking decor. I’m aiming for some cluster next.

The big wall opposite has a long mirror (full-height length), a small red (with a yellow strip in the middle) cupboard that has all my books—school’s and novels—stuffed into it along with miscellaneous stationary. There’s a wall cupboard next to the window. The door is right to the mirror.

The state of my desk at the moment. I’ve become fed up by studying on this desk and now find spots all over the house or just settle down on my room’s floor. Therefore, this desk just holds my books that I’m studying through presently.

Basically, when you enter my room, it’ll seem neat and a little messy at the same time. Honestly, I don’t fold my bed covers unless I’m bored; they’re just in a heap. I’m slightly OCD about my desk. I’ll have at least 10 books on it at a time but they will be stacked neatly on both ends. My pillow cover and bed covers are NEVER coordinated; they’re always from different sets (I don’t know why but it just became that way).

My room is a bit small, pretty cozy but also feels as if there’s a lot of room at the same time because all furniture is along the walls and the uncovered floor in the middle makes it feel a bit spacious.

Pretty lame post because I don’t really know what to blog about, but I want to blog something so this nonsense is what appears in your feed.

Did you get to know me a little teeny tiny bit better from this? No?

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