Me: *blabbering*

Drumroll.. I haven’t blogged anything on the 27th of February. Even though I did have a lot of ideas and wrote it down, I didn’t. One, I had to study. Two, I was testing my self control. This is the first time I haven’t posted for an entire day since I started the blog so… Yeah.

Its now 12:04 am on the 28th over here. (Yes I couldn’t wait anymore to blog. This has become an addiction.) Too desperate? You could say so.

Yesterday (technically it IS yesterday) was an ‘okay’ day. I didn’t do enough work to be proud, but I didn’t do so less that I’m disappointed. I tried to stay away from my play books app, I genuinely tried. But I found myself opening it and reading a new book. So, I downloaded an app lock for it. Every time I open it now, and it asks for the code, I introspect-do I really need to read it? Most times I just type in the code and read; a few times I didn’t. I need to take advantage of those few times and study. This is funny, isn’t it? Most people use app lock to hide messages, gallery and stuff; I have it for locking my books. 😛

I’m not reading in my usual pace. Last month I read so much! All this restraining from books and TV shows is getting to me. I ordered a paperback (guilty pleasure). Yes yes I shouldn’t with my exams and all but once I make my case you’ll understand!

It’s Lady Midnight (The dark artifices #1) by Cassandra Clare. I’m a HUGE fan of her books. I’ve been following it on Amazon. If I buy it from, along with shipping it’ll cost around 35$ minimum, which is roughly 2500 rupees. But here, on Flipkart (an Indian shopping site), I was getting it for 372 rupees which converts to 4.75$!! And the best part, FREE SHIPPING!

How am I supposed to pass up this chance? So I pre-ordered it! It releases on 8th of March and I’ll be receiving it on 14th. And that’s the day of my second last exam. I have 12 days gap till the last one (highly unnecessary). Isn’t it all just fitting just right in the schedule? Yes, I checked in (which is solely for my country) and turns out there too it’s almost the same price (there must be some sale competition between the two websites), but it arrives earlier. I figured, lets not tamper with my exams.

I called up my friend who also is a Shadowhunter fan (I introduced her to the books) and we squealed a lot on the phone. My mum started giving me death looks so I hung up after 21 minutes. 😛

And that’s about it. Nothing more significant happened other than me almost slipping into coma because of boredom and lack of conversation with ANY friend; every one is studying hardcore. I kind of am too.. But I crave to talk. 

How was your day, Reader? 

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