The word

I do not understand this word life.

People use it freely, as if it is abundant. I thought the word meant something very important-it marks the time from when we were born to when we die. That’s our life.

Instead of using it only in areas truly meaning the whole expanse of the time, I hear people using it very casually. “I failed in Chemistry, my life is over!” “My boyfriend broke up with me, my life sucks!” 

No. Speech is free, I agree. But use these trivial words for important matters that actually deserve the meaning. “He was in an accident, his life is in danger.” That is the appropriate use of the word because it is used to mean the real meaning of life! Saying you hate your life just because your parents aren’t letting you go out or because you missed your favourite show’s episode that everyone’s talking about does not give you an accolade!

This may turn out to be a very lame post in your eyes, but I just get frustrated when anything which is important or means a lot is not considered right.

The other day I heard a parent yell at his son when the boy didn’t do well in the latest exams. He said, and I quote, “What are you doing in life?” I’m sorry but no, you do not say his whole life is a waste if his subject isn’t math. Hardly anyone’s subject is math.

Dear reader, the next time you use big words and I mean words which have big meanings, think first if the situation calls for it. If it doesn’t, use another word. Everyone prefers someone who says “My week sucks” instead of “My life sucks”. You could do much better next time; don’t lay blame on your whole life. Just saying.

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