Reincarnation: the circle of life

Daily Post prompt

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Reincarnation is the principle of a spirit being born again and again through different lives without memory of the previous ones. (Although, some claim to remember)

Death isn’t a constant state. It’s nothing, in fact. We, who are alive, do not know about heaven, hell or a place after death for sure. It’s only our belief whether there is a place for our humble spirits after this life. Then, there’s the concept of ghosts or spirits still stuck in the medium between here and there (wherever that is).

I believe that when a spirit leaves a body, they inhibit another, going through the circle of life again in new situations and era.

This concept has also been used in various fictional stories; I myself am using it in mine. It’s made appearances in a wide range of forms all coming up from the basic idea-sometimes its showcased as the same situations only in a new place and different time or sometimes its shown in the form of karma. If you are conceited in your present life, your next life isn’t going to be good.

This topic is one those controversial ones. It’s all only based on your opinion. Whether you are for or against it. You might win a debate for being very convincing on your post, but at the end of the day, thinking about this won’t get you anywhere in this life or let you change your last one, or plan the next one. You have to live in this life. And that’s all that matters.

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