A glorious friday

Daily post prompt Mad Libs

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.

One more day, and you have a break.

That’s my first thought when I woke up today morning. This week has been so terrible with disasters everyday that it has brought my confidence down. Just one more day, and this week is over. I repeat the mantra in my head as I get ready for another day as an attendant in the biggest boutique of our city.

My area is the left side of the second floor of four-storey building all devoted to Sandra’s Boutique. Although I have been helping customers with deciding which dress or party gown to buy for about two months, this is the first time I cannot wait for the weekend.

I love clothes-fabrics in general. The smooth, the rough, ones where you can easily see the stitches and ones which appear seamless-I love all of them. When I was in high school, I dreamt I would become a successful fashion designer. I worked and saved for my college fund to pursue a career in fashion and apparel; my only mistake was having a joint bank account with my sister.

I dispel thoughts about my past and hum on my way to the shop. Clara, the desk clerk and my best friend, comes rushing to me and drags me along to one side.

“Oh my gosh, did you hear did you hear?!” Her enthusiasm brings a smile to my face.

“About what?”

“You haven’t? Which world do you love on, Linda?” She pouts in disappointment and quickly recovers her expression. “Anyway, I’ll tell you. Aqua has collaborated with a top-notch university to hold scholarship programs for students aspiring to study fashion, and are also awarding internships in their company for those students. The best part, they are conducting the exam here too! A scholarship just for fashion cources, how cool is that!”

My mood lifts and I immediately start envisioning myself being chosen and the amazing opportunities I would have; and just like that my mind plummets.

“Clare, hundreds of students must be applying for this scholarship. There is no chance of me winning it.”

“L, you are the most talented and determined fashion lover I know. Just give the test! There’s no harm in that.”

“I’ll see.. When is it?”

“Oh it’s on sunday.”

This sunday? Isn’t that too soon?”

She raises an eyebrow. “This came out weeks back. I heard about it only last night. I thought you would have already known.”

I sigh. My mind immediately goes to my mom. I can’t just leave her here without anyone to take care of her can I? She lives in the next state and made me move out to be independent, so I wouldn’t put my life on pause to take care of her. But I would.

Clara firmly holds my shoulders and looks into my eye. “Okay, listen. You’re doing this. Your mom loves you and will happily give her blessing. If required, I will myself drive you over to take the test to make sure you don’t skip it. Opportunities don’t come like this often around here. Don’t undersell yourself.”

Something in her eyes convinces me and I nodded slightly. She squeals and gives me a tight hug. I laugh in response.

“Oh just imagine if you qualify! Okay so you have to prepare. I know we have only a couple days but we can do this..” She takes hold of my arm and drags me to the computer, going on about plans.

If anyone can make a short deadline, its Clara. I feel my confidence uplifting and look forward to sunday. I would love to give the test, maybe see where I stand. Also check if the number of cheap courses I took online actually help.

This is turning out to be a glorious Friday. I vow I’ll do my best.


Okay seriously, I did not know what to write about when my friend gave me this title. I just typed a few sentences and followed my train of thought.

This looks like a potential big story though, not a short one. Maybe I’ll continue on this later. We’ll see.

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