Everytime I’m free or in the mood to read, I log onto WordPress and read blog articles under the tag ‘Writing’ and I’m floored!

Look at all these beautiful writing pieces-look at them and worship them. I have found so many amazing blogs to follow through this and every day I increase my exposure to various writings.

I read about people taking writing classes, talk about their experience and I start to feel as if I have not even made two steps into the endless road of writing. I am mainly an aspiring editor but I recently started on the journey of a writer and I understand that for a newbie like me it will take a lot of time, practice, motivation and much more. I don’t mind though; if I could some day write anywhere near as good as these talented writers, I will be happy.

I’m just waiting for my finals to finish so I could devote more time to writing and reading. I also am looking forward to joining the blogging university and complete the various courses offered.

There are only twenty six letters in the english language and around 1,025,109 words, but stringing them together to create a beautiful writing piece is an art.

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