‘Slumbering’ book review

slumbering.jpgTitle: Slumbering (The Starlight Chronicles #1)

Author: C.S. Johnson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hamilton Dinger has everything-the charm, the girls, the awe, highest grades and athletic skills. His life in Apollo Central High School is going so smooth, its hard to believe for the rest of the students who trudge through. Of course, something has to occur for all of it to crumble.

Out of nowhere, a meteor crashes into the city, creating a lot of destruction and havoc. Hamilton now starts having visions, hallucinates and pretty much considers himself going crazy. His school, his city, has been turned into a war zone with new supernatural creatures and demons sucking soulfire. And he is enlisted for the war.

Handling all of this along with the usual school drama isn’t going to be easy for him, especially if he continues to be the selfish, anything-goes attitude. Will he fight in this deadly war and defend all his family and friends? Or will he throw it all away and pretend as if everything is fine?

*NOTE: I was given a free copy by the author in return for an honest review

A few pages into the prologue, I was confused. Completely. It starts smack dab in the middle of a scene which made me check again to confirm if I was indeed reading the first book. The writing went on without any introduction or information about new terms and the situation.

The first chapter, is when the story really starts. Then it started making a lot of sense. Honestly, I don’t see the point of the prologue. I usually prefer prologues to be short, suspense filled and drawing in while this one was long (about as long as a chapter) and causing confusion.

After reading the whole book, I would have to say that it felt like a really big introduction. Basically everything from the crashing of the meteorite till Hamilton making a decision. All of it, felt like a starter, preparing the reader for the upcoming story; therefore making us want to ready ourselves for the climaxes in the next book.

The title of is really appropriate-the sleeping of Hamilton’s other side, the supernatural side and everything until  the meteorite wakes all of it up.

Let’s talk about the characters:

  • Dinger is flawed. A lot. Imagine the football star, most popular guy of high school who doesn’t worry about anything and doesn’t really have any problems in life-that’s him. He is crushing on a nice girl, believes he is superior to everyone else, knows about the opinions other students have of him and is smug about it. He believes that the point of life is to be happy. During chaos, he is unsure and doesn’t want to have anything to do with battling against evil, cares only about himself and his friends and prefers to just be the star. Its refreshing to read about the protagonist and would-be hero who is so not heroic. The clichéd storyline with the male lead having family problems and rising out of it isn’t here. Instead, a completely new type of male lead is introduced and I loved it.
  • Elysian, the changeling dragon, is one reason you have to read this book. He is all wise, obvious, unintentionally (maybe) sarcastic, rolls his eyes and is an all round not-dragonish character.
  • Starry Knight is this anonymous girl who is self-assured, really good in a fight and undermines Hamilton severely (not that he doesn’t deserve it). She is wholly into this battle against the demons and safeguarding our world so she feels that Hamilton and his attitude isn’t fit to be included or given any importance to. The real mystery, we don’t know her real identity.

The rest of the characters aren’t that important, from what I could surmise. They will be playing some part in the main storyline and I’m eagerly waiting to start the next book to see what.

Why you should read this book:

For the fresh new perspective. Everything I’ve read is completely different that whatever I’ve read until now. If you want to read something that’s different than that normal lead character gets involved with the supernatural side and falls in love but so many hardships routine, you’ll like this a lot.

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