High school

Today was a good day, friends.

High school will always be cherished. However far we go or how much ever we’ve lost touch, high school memories will forever be imprinted in our minds. We had our last day of high school today.

In the morning, we had the occasion of ‘Jyothi Pradaan‘ which is the lighting of lamps. The principal and teachers light a big lamp (about 5 ft in height) and all us students light our small handheld lamps from it. The flame symbolises knowledge. A teacher, with his/her knowledge can impart all they know into students without diminishing their own flame. In result forms a thousand of flames originating just from one. We are blessed by our teachers who are now sending us out to the world after teaching us all that they can. A few speeches were given by the honourable chief guest, the principal and few of our teachers. I would like to requote my physics mentor,

The future lies before you 

Like a field of driven snow, 

Be careful how you tread it, 

For every step will show.”

After them, the school captains gave a short speech each, which was very inspiring coming from our fellow graduates. One of the students made a powerpoint presentation with all the photos of us students spanning the last two years. We were taken down memory lane with tears and laughs, and a few awkward pictures. It also included a type of pattern I had made last year with most students from our batches’ names woven into it. I’m not about to brag about the fact that the first picture was that one. Not at all.

We went home around 11am to change out of uniform. The boys wore formals and the girls wore traditional attire. Starting awhile after 1 pm, the 11th graders threw us a great farewell with dances, songs, a few awards and lots of laughter (also a great lunch).

When the farewell ended at 4 pm, most of us seniors hung around the assembly ground in an empty school (save for a few teachers) and took loads and loads and loads of pictures. We’re young and beautiful and handsome, and we documented it.

Yes, when I came home my feet ached from spending the day in heels (I’ve only ever worn heels once before) and tired, massaging my cheeks to relieve the stress fron smiling so much, my dad didn’t recognise me when I entered the living room. I looked so different from my usual modern self that he was dumbfounded for a few seconds. I don’t even know why I’m talking about this. Let’s stop.

I’ll be printing a lot of the pictures and keep them safe. We’ll be writing finals in a different school so today was our last day, and it was amazing. Absolutely spectacular.

I hope you keep in touch with you’re high school friends, Reader, because they witnessed you during your transition from a teenager to a new adult. You might move on in life and change a lot, but find common ground at least in those memories and tiny, inconsequential but remembered, moments of the past. Because high school friends (as we here say in our common, and weird, slang)-they be bomb 😉

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