Dating the guy next door || straightforward romance

dating the.jpgTitle: Dating the guy next door

Author: Amanda Ashby

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Status: Standalone

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Kate Mitchell is finished with love. After a recent relationship disaster, she’s had it. Sure, she’s noticed her smoking hot new neighbor, Matt Hunter, moving into the converted warehouse next door. But she resolves to keep her fantasies just that.

But fantasy becomes reality when he shows up in her gallery. Matt is a logical, meticulous type while Kate’s more of a fly-by-night free spirit. And she won’t allow herself to be led into another relationship—especially not with someone who wants to start a family. She can’t do that.

Still, even Kate can’t deny Matt’s charm, and soon realizes she’s falling for him hard. If she tells him she won’t have a baby, she’ll break his heart. But if she doesn’t, she might break her own…


After her last relationship, Kate Mitchell has sworn off men, deciding that she will concentrate on her art and her cat Socrates only. So caught up in her work, she didn’t notice the smoking hot new neighbour until she found him hiding behind her canvases one day.

Matt HunyeHunter wants to settle down. Realising that he is becoming old and his biological clock hasn’t much time, he confesses to his friend Kieth that he wants to get married and have a baby. Being classical Keith, he announces it on his radio show and dozens of women show up on Matt’s door dressed up like celebrities. Matt takes refuge in his neighbour’s place and only then notices the beautiful Kate Mitchell.

Being complete opposites, both of them form a relationship and decide to go slow, and change some habits of each other by influence.

The main hurdle in their relationship- Kate does not want to have a baby and Matt really does. Can they move past this deal-breaker to spend their lives together?

Lets talk about the characters

1. Kate: Goegeous woman who is hell bent on being independent, immersed and amazingly talented in her art, her cute relationship with Socrates makes her an interesting protagonist. She is the type of woman who does not bat an eye on going out in the morning with her paint-covered smock for a coffee run. She has a strained relationship with her mother due to misunderstandings dating back more than a decade.

2. Matt: Hot middle aged guy who has a really good relationship with his sister and her children, his best friends Keith and Sean, and a man who is the perfect husband-material. He also is a clean freak. Since he is so hell-bent on organising everything in his life, he runs an organisational company for other companies. And before he met Kate, he was never spontaneous.

3. SOCRATES: Yes, this cat deserves his own point. He is so cute! I admit, he is mostly a normal cat but I loved him.

Why you should read it

Its a really good romance novel with a little different type of relationship between the main people. Its suitable if you’re not fond of a lot of tears and crying. Third, Matt. You should read the story just to know Matt.


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