Having a blog

I’m constantly worried about my posts. I mean, I diversify my blog a lot with posts about books, tv shows, music, poems and my thoughts. Sometimes, I wonder if having a blog means having a theme. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the blogs and how each is unique but then all have a certain type of posts. There are book blogs, writing blogs, or just personal blogs. (I haven’t really checked out much of the rest)

And then I started thinking about how many posts to make. Google searching leads me to an answer that said, I quote not verbatim, to make around three posts per day (500 words) for four months and build up the blog. After that, we could decrease it to one per day.

I have been posting only one post per day and rarely miss days and its been hardly 6 weeks! I try to think of what to blog on but let me say, I have a busy life. Exams are coming up, this is my senior year and also I don’t really know what to blog about.

This place is my venting area-I let my thoughts flow to anyone who wants to read, and that’s the main reason why I made this blog. Therefore, I decided that I’ll just crawl at my own pace. Yes, I will still wonder-is the length of my blog okay, is it on a good topic, is it fine that I mix up topics and end up just blabbering, but I’ll manage. This is ultimately for me, not to please everyone else. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Having a blog”

  1. I’ll tell you – a blog is you. You don’t have to have a theme, or have a set posting schedule. No one dictates how you write, when you write or WHAT you write. That’s up to you, and I think you’re doing just fine. Ultimately, your blog is YOURS. 🙂

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  2. it’s great that you think that way! personally, i just started my blog two weeks ago so i’m still trying to figure out the main purposes of it and how to draw readers. After all, I want people to read what i have to say or else i don’t think there’s a point of putting my opinion out there to the void. But I don’t pressure myself into posting frequently. I make sure my posts mean something to me first and then I post. The one thing i learned about blogging is to take care of yourself first before you worry about what followers want. the internet will always be there but life events won’t,

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