Love me like that || romance that leaves you feeling really nice

love me.jpg

Title: Love me like that

Author: Marie James

Genre: Romance

Status: Standalone



Two strangers trapped together in a blizzard.

One running from the past; one with no future.

Two destinies collide.

London Sykes is on her own for the first time in her life after a sequence of betrayal and abuse. One man rescues her only to destroy her himself. An unfortunate accident lands her in a ditch only to be rescued by the most closed-off man she’s ever met, albeit undeniably handsome.

Kadin Cole is at the cabin in the woods for the very first and the very last time. Since his grief doesn’t allow for him to return home to a life he’s no longer able to live alone, he’s finally made what has been the hardest decision of his life. His plans change drastically when a beautiful woman in a little red car crashes into his life.

How can she trust another man?

How could he ever love again?

Will happenstance and ensuing sexual attraction be enough to heal two hearts enough that they can see in themselves what the other sees?


London thinks she has it all-the best boyfriend, the amazing best friend and a good life. And one day, she realises it was all a farce. After finding that her boyfriend and her best friend were having an affair for god knows how long, she packs up her meager belongings and leaves; wanting to start a new life in a different town.

Kadin is knee-deep in depression. Even after two years, he hasn’t gotten over his wife Savannah’s death. He spends his days drinking and finally his family sends him to his cabin in isolation to gather his shit and recover. He, though, has a different plan. His gun and pills are stashed in the front room drawer of his cabin, his will has been updated and he has left instructions for everything to be taken care of.

His plan to kill himself is put on a pause when London crashes a car near his cabin and is found freezing by him. He offers her a room for the night and is frustrated that the coming blizzard means she won’t be going anywhere soon.

They remain cooped up in the cabin for more than a week and feelings (and sex) flow between them. Each just live in the moment and put off thinking about later. London and Kadin basically heal each other, and head off to Spokane. Following is a ton of drama, healing from the past and unforseen situations. 

I really liked the book (which has two major plot twists) and especially the fact that the author included individual healing time for both protagonists. 

I felt like London kept jumping between lovers from her freshman year of college and couldn’t live without being with someone. While Kadin was still not over Savannah and needed to recoop by himself. A period of few months in between (the down and sad time) gave them both space, and I appreciated that.

The happily ever after was just right and in the end everything ended up in the correct place; giving the reader a sense of happiness and feeling better.



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