Life update

I’m a bit behind on reviewing books but then my finals are coming up so I guess its a valid excuse.

I’ve hardly been able to log on to WordPress on the computer. For the past several days I’ve been operationg through only my smartphone. Its a huge inconvenience but then my mum requires the computer to study and prepare for her interview coming soon.

My SAT results were supposed to come out today, and haven’t yet. I have been counting down the days since the start of this month and its late! I guess it’s because of the time difference between India and USA (about 9 hours). So I’ll have to wait an extra day for it.

Then there’s my studying. Or lack thereof. I didn’t study one bit yesterday. Or today (yet). So I’ve decided-I have to complete five chapters of chemistry today. Complete organic chemistry and Coordination compounds.

I read in ‘Girl online on tour’ that you can make your blog private. Since I thought I like blogging and I need to study, why not I make a study blog. I could post notes or stuff in my words and also not hate studying so much. It would be private, since I don’t know who will even follow a blog where there are only notes.

What do you think? Will doing that help?

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