High school farewell

I’m almost done with high school *yay!*

With my finals coming up next month, all us seniors have to concentrate on studies. It’s a lot when we have to study everything that we’ve done right from April! But hey, everyone’s been through this right?

What I don’t get, is why most girls started worrying about what their going to wear for the farewell when we didn’t even know when it would be. I feel like telling them that they should concentrate on studies now, this is our make-or-break final exam. Yes, we deserve a break from the last couple months but its just another month and then we’re out. Spending time deciding what to wear and style right from hairstyles to heels is a bit too much isn’t it?

Above that, they message everyone asking what others are wearing, saying what they’re wearing and fish for compliments.

Maybe its just me and I don’t spend the previous couple weeks on it. I’m the kind of girl who buys the dress a few days in advance and just dresses up before the occasion, going with what I feel like. I do look good enough, if I say so myself.

I remember the occasion last year. Usually the juniors throw a farewell party for the seniors with food and entertainment for a fun afternoon. We gave a pretty good party for our seniors-complete with dances, vada pav instead of traditional lunch (its an indian snack which is something like burger, really yum) and some other stuff. Until a few days back, our juniors didn’t seem to care much about our farewell. Yeah, we shouldn’t expect them to think about it a lot, but it did kinda hurt when they were completely blank when we asked them to keep the party before 15th so we’d have time to study later.

Anyway, we are having a party on 15th and we’re going to have fun, because my batch is so awesome that we could have a lot of fun anywhere; we just need each other. High school was awesome with all of us, every clique and group, mingling together these past two years. We never have a problem sticking to each other and having each others’ backs even though we might not be really close.

I am a bit sad about getting out of school and this shelter of protection, but I also can’t wait to get out and have some freedom. College, here I come.


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