Study tips

Time is a relative factor. You could feel as if ages have passed but in reality only 10 minutes have; you might feel like its been only a minute but it has been five.

I look at clock and see that it’s fifteen minutes to two in the afternoon. I could finish at least three more physics chapters before going to sleep. But that’s discounting factors such as meals, the time I spend staring at the wall or fiddling with my phone.

I hear that in some other places students are having mid-terms? And in my area its finals. Therefore, here are a few tips from my side (student-to-student) on how to manage time:

1. Wake up early and go to bed early 

You might think that sleeping late can make you study more and in turn, you’re more closer to finishing your studies but it’s NOT the case. You end up waking up late the next day or without enough sleep and the rest of the day has either shorter hours or concentration-lacked studies.

2. Take short, rejuvinating breaks

Taking breaks but still feeling dull after it’s over is not the goal. Take breaks to do something that lifts you up and gives you energy and spirit to dive back into studying (even if it is with the anticipation of the next break). Listen to music with fast beats (I recommend Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay and All night by Rihanna), have an energy drink or just get up and dance.

3. Do not study on the bed or on the dining table

It has the opposite effect than desired. Unless you’re like me and suffer with insomnia, you’ll just feel like sleeping when on the bed. On the dining table, you’ll feel like eating. It has been known that a lot of students gain weight during exams.

4. Ask your family to keep tabs on you

You might think that they will be too up your business and this will just give them more opportunity to nag you, but ask yourself-do you or do you not finish up with work when you have a deadline that others know about? Lay it down to your family, you’re not to be disturbed while studying and they can just make sure you’re on par with you’re schedule.

5. Talk to your friends in the morning and before you go to bed

That way, you can see how you’re faring with others and competition does give motivation. Don’t feel disappointed if your friend has done more than you in a day, your goal is to finish how much you have decided to do. Your first and foremost competition is yourself, only then others.

And, when you’re studying if you get stuck up with definitions like “The lagging behind of magnetic field from magnetising force in a magnetic material during magnetisation and demagnetisation is known as hysteresis”, don’t worry. Just use your imagination. I like to think of magnetic field and magnetising force as two people on a track(the magnetic material) with magnetisation and demagnetisation being running races. (Obviously magnetic field is me because I’m certainly not a runner)

I hope these tips helped! Good luck! If you know of anything else that helps, I would love to hear it in the comments below!

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