This week’s favourite songs

Here are the songs playing on repeat in my playlist this week:

Outlaws by David Lambert

(c) @aliquis.alius | Instagram

I started watching The Fosters recently and might have finished season one in three days. I’m totally digging this song! I know I might be a little late in joining the club, but whatever. Personally, I like the Outlaws version with Ashley Agorta from Season 2 Episode 3 “Play” more than the Original version by David Lambert.

Thinking out loud cover

The original song by Ed Sheeran has been remade with a little rap and tweaking of lyrics by Donald Lewis and Derty Sesh. It almost sounds like a whole new song. Listen to it here.

Screenshot from the soundcloud app

Let yourself be loved

screenshot from the soundcloud app

Heard the first 10 seconds on The Fosters and I loved it so much immediately! It was not listen in the official list of episode songs in tunefind but its there on soundcloud (which I realised only a lot of searching later). I think its available only on soundcloud. Play it and love it here.


Clarity cover

screenshot from the soundcloud app

Another really good cover of the original Clarity by Zedd ft. Foxes with a more slower rhythm and soothing female voices in opposition tot he strong voice of the lead singer of Foxes. Play it here.


So that’s my update this week. Comment and let me know what you think about the songs! I hope you like it 🙂

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