Why do we write?

I spent a lot of time scrolling through posts tagged 'Writing'; it's very interesting to see posts about writing progresses, tips, prompts and thoughts. I just came across an interesting article which you can read here. It's about what we write on-things that we know and have experienced, imaginative realities or from complete imagination? It got… Continue reading Why do we write?

The Invisible Man || very spoilery review

This is what, my third post today? I must be spamming you guys. Anyway! I was reading "The Invisible Man" just now for my English exam next week, and I realised all the nonsense that is portrayed in the book most likely would happen in real life too, if such situations occur. If you're not… Continue reading The Invisible Man || very spoilery review


the wordy habitat

Tuesday already.. Gosh.

Hey reader! Hope you’re having a really good day.

I’ve seen quite some blogs do Q&A so their followers can understand them better. (But when someone tells me to ask something my mind blanks. I actually asked someone the other day what their favourite reptile is.)

So, I decided to do it too!

Take to the comments and ask me any question that pops into your head. I will answer all of them honestly in another post soon.

P.S. my answers may be long because I tend to blabber. They may also (hopefully not) wierd you out so be prepared.

Ask ask ask! I’m waiting 🙂

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My Little Versatile Blog

This is my first nomination for an award.   Thank you so much Niki for nominating me. I really feel a part of this amazing Blogosphere now! Check out this post where she nominated me 🙂 The rules: Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog. Nominate at least 10 bloggers of your choice. Link… Continue reading My Little Versatile Blog

“Submerging” book review

Yes yes I know I'm supposed to be studying but books are my stress busters so.. Title: Submerging (Starlight Chronicles #3) Author: C.S. Johnson My rating: 4 of 5 stars Synopsis: There is nothing like a birthday to give Hamilton Dinger something to look forward to in his busy life. With his new job as a part-time intern… Continue reading “Submerging” book review