New theme


Until now, I used the Wilson theme and it worked pretty great. I, to try something different, went to a darker theme.

What I liked about Wilson:

  • I prefer dark colours to view as they are less bright, not hitting the eye and I didn’t find many themes that are a good mix of light shades and easy on the eyes.
  •  It had a ‘social links’ menu option, I wanted that.
  • Its sidebar was in the left, which was different than most themes.
  • Its primarily for photography blogs but worked just fine for me
  • And I got to say, I liked the colour of the headings (a shade of pink) which actually matched the background!

What I didn’t like:

  • The way sidebar menus repeated below the post again.
  • No option for custom background image
  • A bit too much contrast between the background colour and the post background (default white)
  • Not many custom change options, I had to stick to the basic Wilson.


After commenting on this post, I got input to try a lighter-shaded theme, that it would more appealing to the visitors’ eye.

So here’s my blog using the Toujours theme!


Here’s what I like about it:

  • I love the featured content slider.
  • I hadn’t put featured image for my posts and it was required for the featured content slider so I put up for most posts, and it looks great!
  • Not too bright colours unless its the images I uploaded.
  • A background image behind the blog name not required-I like that. I didn’t want to put one.

What I don’t like:

  • The tagline coming after the main menu and featured content slider. (It doesn’t come directly under the blog name)
  • The featured content slider is a bit too big for my taste.
  • Social links coming at the very end in the footer bar.


Overall, I like the change. What do you think? Comment feedback 🙂




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