Blogging: to me

What exactly is it to blogging?

We do it for fun, to share our thoughts and work, or sometimes as therapy. But what exactly IS blogging to me?

I first started out only with a tumblr blog but then I wasn’t that into it. It wasn’t like a real blog, but I do see a lot of interesting stuff. But to share my content? It wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t have much in mind except that I could change how my blog looks, to properly post my content how I wanted in the right category etc.

I wasn’t sure about WordPress in the beginning; I didn’t know how the system worked, what’s its… frequency, you could say. I knew that it would be awhile before my blog would take off and get followers who actually like my content. I, myself, wasn’t sure what I would exactly blog about-my writing, music, personal thoughts or reviews. I started off with book reviews and primarily thought I would keep it that way. But then I saw all the amazing blogs on this website and how you don’t have to stick to one zone. I have a hard time staying just in one group in real life, I flit around and have different type of friends, some of them don’t even like the other and say so too. I wonder if I should maybe stick to one group and save all the enmity. Its like my friends from years earlier, even though I hang out with them just as much, don’t like that I’m close to other people that I met around last year. There have been instances when a friend asks me why I put up with another. None of them say such things anymore after I stood up to them but, now I’m careful that I don’t mention other friends in their presence. The problem is, I like all my friends, however different each of them are and keeping peace between them seems worth it. I don’t feel like I belong in one category; and that’s something which is not taken in stride in high school. In fact, any my friends don’t even know I write for reals. They just know that I read a lot and want to become a publishing editor.

I was afraid of that online too. Sure, there must be others like me but who knows? Will I ever really fit in completely somewhere?

I braved it though especially since this is the internet and I don’t meet anyone from here in daily life and now I post whatever I want-I’m myself. And it’s not even been two weeks since I started light up the shining night stars and I’ve got already 42 followers. (I mean, you follow because you like all of my content, right?) And I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am! This might be the virtual world, but I’m accepted for who I am, completely. Not just a part of me; and this is a big deal for me. So, all you stunning people, thank you very very much (insert a big smiley).

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