I read a post recently on tips to write better. The first point was- Write all the time. Somehow, after seeing the post, everytime I was sitting for a few minutes in breaks or in between scheduled tasks, I think about what I woukd write if I had paper and a pen. Or, if I did have them, I start penning down the randomest of things. I have to say, this helps a lot.

The first day when I tried this new method of writing all the time, I wasn’t sure of what I must write on. Usually, I just happen to get inspiration and note down immediately, fine tuning it later. But this practice helps in getting your thoughts into flow when you want. I suppose it would be useful for authors to cope with deadlines.

Nature is the biggest of all inspirations. You can see the light hitting a leaf in a certain way, the shine reflecting off the tiny beads of dew on the leaf and connect it to something else in your head. Its all in your imagination.

Songs, too, have wonderful lines. Earlier, I hardly paid attention to the lyrics of a song, memorising them by listening to them too many times. Only a few months back did I start paying real attention, humming to the lyrics and sometimes tweaking them. I doodle lyrics in the upper margins of my notebooks and use them in essays and passages. I have started to interpret the songs into a tale.

I now write letters to my future self on old stationary, little verses on my exam question paper once I’ve finished the exam, on the backs of my notebooks and even on my table. I find-its these little lines that make up a story.

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