Teen Beach movies


I only recently watched these Disney movies and-I loved it! Honestly, I prefer the old movies and television shows by the channel than the new ones. I apologise to anyone who likes it the other way round. So, when, the other day I searched for movies like (insert Disney movies I love), this popped up as one and I was surprised since it came out in 2013. I was intrigued as to whether it is actually good enough, therefore I watched it.

Cannot say I’m disappointed! I love the theme, the story, the characters (played very well by the cast) while also having the old Disney charm of making itself placed into teenagers’ hearts and sometimes also adults.

In case you haven’t watched it yet, here is a short synopsis about what its on (so you don’t have to go to Wikipedia and spoil the story for yourself by reading the plot):

  Teen Beach movie

images (2)
This is where it all starts.

The film portrays two teenagers, McKenzie “Mac” and Brady, who met this summer and have become extremely close to each other through their love of surfing. The problem (there has to be one) is that as per a deal made years back, Mac has to move in with her aunt and join a prep school. This, obviously, isn’t what Brady or Mac want. But Mac has decided that she will fulfil her mom’s dream of higher education and becoming successful in life. Mac, since she is going away, breaks up with Brady.

The day of her flight, there’s a storm and Mac goes in to surf. The waves become dangerous and Brady goes in to get her out. In the process, with Mac’s surfboard doing some magic, they end up-guess where-in a movie!

They have come out of the ocean into Brady’s favourite movie where it’s all perfect- people come out of the water dry, wake up with perfect make up and have impromptu dances. It’s basically a 1967 musical movie.

images (4)
We see Brady join in the dance that he always wanted to be a part of.

It’s really teenager-ish, movie-ish, with some magic and switcheroo thrown in. You like Disney movies such as Camp rock and High school musical? Then you’ll love this too.

images (5)
In the end, there’s also a little impromptu dance shiz in the real world led by Mac and Brady. Perfect way to end the movie.

Teen beach movie 2

I’m not going to say much about this since it’ll spoil the first movie for you. But here’s one fact: Lela and Tanner from the movie come into OUR WORLD with some-you guessed it-unknown magic. It’s the other way round from the first movie and, it was so good! I loved the end part and I just can’t gush enough.


Have you watched the movies? Your thoughts?

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