The next life

Imagine a world

Where you and I

Have a destiny

Not so tragic.

Where we are not

Separated by misconceptions

And miscommunications.

Haunted by death

And suffering from grief.


I imagined and imagined

Convinced that after going through so much

Us together

Wont work anymore.


And as I pulled back

I lost you to the wind

Like a six year old loses a kite

Which was his most beloved possession.


Trying to save us both

From further heartbreak,

I never thought to savour those moments

When you tried to get me back

And accept you.


When I finally listened to my heart

And decided to love you free,

You weren’t there

For me to get back to you.


I was too late,

And I’m tired

Of being all alone.


Save a place for me beside you

In the garden of heaven.

My love, this wasn’t how

Our fates were supposed to be.

Next time I promise

It will be entirely different.



-Sumedha Shankar



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