Chance Hearts (Part 6)

(All previous parts are on my blog. Recommended to read them first.)


My cell mate is sleeping again. He’s in for a grand theft or something. He talks about it like he stole from the royal Queen’s treasury. I think the guy is warming up to me, he talks more now.

I remember when I met Quill I was struck by her on the whole. She carried herself so dejectedly, one hand on the other arm, slowly walking as if trying to be invisible-but later when I smiled at her and she smiled back, she looked iridescent then. For a few moments I juat stared at her and she didn’t smile long. I wanted to make her smile again.

I said that I was looking around the city as I’m new and she replies she’s new too, to which I asked if she would like to accompany me. Impossibly, she said yes. The longer I smiled at her, the more she smiled back. It made me wonder if anyone ever smiled at her. Everytime she smiled or stood with the light hitting her in a certain way, it made me want more of her, see more of her. When she became more comfortable and came alive, it was like magic. Her smile and her laugh and it did not escape me how easily we carried conversations.

There was this quote that she said so naturally, as if it’s so normal quoting people, something about being alone and loving the darkness- when she said it, she looked as if she believed it’s a fate that needs to be accepted. I decided then that I would make her smile for as long as I can. I would try my damn best to make her forget anything that hurt her.

If only I hadn’t made the mistake of getting involved. If only.

To be continued…


-Sumedha Shankar

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