Chance Hearts (Part 5)

continued from Chance Hearts (Part 4)


That day, I started to live. We exchanged numbers and kept meeting up the next few days and just walked around, getting to know the city which was new to both of us. We also got to know each other’s little tics- how he liked walking slightly in the front, how I loved eating different types of food and never ordered the same thing or how he talked a lot. I loved that he was talkative and outgoing, I didn’t feel any necessity to start a conversation (which I wasn’t good at).

He changed me. Being with him, I didn’t mind coming out into reality. He brought out the real me from the shadow self that I was. I fell in love with him piece-by-piece. And before I knew it, he had my heart in his hands.

I wonder what he would think of me now, sitting in a cafe, writing in my journal that wasn’t fancy at all. I imagine he would say that the words inside matter, not the cover. Mary Lambert croons on the music system about marrying him underneath the tree. When Pike and I kissed for the first time in a park bench only after a week of knowing each other, I would have married him underneath the tree.

I wonder if he thinks about me at all.

To be continued…

References mentioned: When you sleep  by Mary Lambert


-Sumedha Shankar

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