Being busy

So turns out one of my board practical examinations clashes with my SAT exam date. I had to reschedule the practical exam to the previous day because there was no other option. Ill have to perform through two practicals in one day and they are just after each other so I will not be having time for food either. I just realised that.

The Principal of my school said that I should have told about it sooner. It wouldn’t have really made a difference because I’m the only one from my whole class writing SAT this month so they can’t change the schedule just for me. We were told that our practicals would be only after 25th at least. Their fault for not keeping it in a proper timing.

I’ve hardly studied for my computer science theory exam tomorrow. And for the english exam on 21st. Practicals start from 22nd. Is it just me or does anyone else notice how these exams have no gap and how hard it is?

I wonder what would happen if a tracker approached me and said I’m a fledgling right now. (Noticed the House of Night reference? No?) I could get to leave all this behind. Wishgul thinking.

Tunes running in my head today- 

Monsters by Ruelle

Out of the woods by Taylor Swift

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