Before We Were Strangers || my heart mourned that this ended

before we were strangers.jpgTitle: Before we were strangers

Author: Renee Carlino

Genre: YA contemporary

Status: Standalone

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A story about the most beautiful love, deepest longing, heart-wrenching sadness and the brightest ever-after, “Before we were strangers” is about two people who meet after fifteen years and reconnect their love.

Grace and Matt met when Matt moved into the dorm room next to Grace’s at the beginning of senior year in college and became inseparable. After a blissful year of knowing each other and growing closer, Matt goes away fro the summer on an internship and all falls apart. Separated because of miscommunications and the hand of another selfish person, they believed that the other left them and moved ahead and tried to move on in their own ways.
Now, after a decade and a half, chance glimpse of each other on the subway leads to Matt reaching out to her. We read about what happened in the lost years, and with an impeccable twist, how they are brought back together.

A really, REALLY, good book that sucked me in and made me feel the emotions running through Matt and Grace. I fell in love with them being together and the hope that they had with each other in their lives. Not just a cliched romance, a great idea written amazingly. I reccommend this to everyone who like reading a little different type of love stories.

DEFINITELY a book I would read again.

P.S. if you liked “The Edge of Never” by J.A. Redmerski, I think you would like this too.


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